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Why Every Website Needs an SEO Audit

SEO is essential for any business that has a website. It’s all about optimizing your website to be successful – to get on the first page of Google results.

SEO is not a “set and forget” position. It’s best to have an SEO audit every six to twelve months. Even if you are a small business, you don’t have to do it every six to twelve months. However, an audit is something you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your website in good shape. Although it can be time-consuming, there are many tips and resources that can help. There is also automated software that will crawl your site and conduct an SEO Audit.

Why do you need an SEO audit?

Digital marketing is dynamic and changing. Your website is the cornerstone. Your website is your ‘live’ collateral. It is constantly being updated and improved. Regular SEO Audits is a part of SEO services will provide valuable insight into your website, and help you identify areas that can be improved. This is a sort of health check. It will help you make sure your website structure is correct and pages are properly arranged under the right headings so users can easily find them. This will allow you to identify broken links, make sure your website is usable, optimize Search Engine visibility and convert users into customers.

What’s an SEO Audit?

A typical SEO audit covers four components:

  • Analyse technique
  • Analysis of On-Page
  • Analysis Off-Page
  • Keyword research and competitive analysis

Technical Analysis

This is the most important aspect of the website. It is mainly about ‘functionality. HTTPS is one example of something you might be interested in. The web is moving to HTTPS. Is your website certified? There are many reasons it should. Voice Search is on the Rise – Is your website ready for voice search?

Your technical audit will also examine the architecture of your website. This is what relates to how visitors navigate around your website. As a rule, destination pages should not be more than three clicks away from your home page. If they are more important, they should be closer.

Website design and development or speed and mobile friendliness should also be checked in the technical portion of your SEO audit. The majority of web browsing especially searches for small businesses, is done on smartphones. People get frustrated when they can’t find what they need quickly and efficiently. This will cause you to lose potential customers.

On-page Analysis

Next, you should analyze each page on your website. Is your website following best practices in on-page optimization?

The following main components need to be reviewed:

  • Title page
  • Meta Description
  • Image tags and heading
  • URL structure
  • Keywords – Page content

You should review each of these elements on every page. Google’s General Guidelines are a good resource for this information.

Offpage Analysis

The domain authority (DA), which is a critical component of SEO, is determined by the quality and trustworthiness of the links you have to your site. You need to have quality backlinks in order to achieve a high DA. You want a high number of these backlinks to come from high DA websites. This will increase your Google credibility and improve your ranking. High DA is achieved through quality, engaging content. Make sure to get rid of outdated content and fix broken links. Also, make sure to check any old links to ensure they are still relevant. This’ spring cleaning” will help you stay on the right track. Although DA is not something you can achieve overnight, it is possible with patience and a functional website.

Keyword Research and Competitor

An SEO audit is necessary to make sure your SEO strategy is suitable for your business.

While you are looking at the competition, it is important to look at how people actually find you. Find out how your performance against these keyword searches by doing keyword research. This is a great way of finding new ways to increase traffic to your website.

The audit is more than just checking that your website works as you expect it to. It’s also a chance to evaluate your website strategy and look at other ways you can grow traffic and convert visitors.