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The Best Google Ranking Strategies For SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be a bit confusing. There are so many factors that affect one’s ranking, but Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm so it’s hard to know exactly what they look for these days. Here are some of our most basic tips for getting better results from your SEO strategy. SEO experts are always trying to determine the best SEO techniques that work for their business. If you’re not sure what’s working, this list of top ten Google ranking factors can help you decide. A best SEO Services Lahore uses pro SEO strategies

Types Of SEO & Strategies Factors

  1. On-PAGE SEO
  3. Technical SEO

What is ON PAGE SEO:

On page SEO is everything that you do on your web page to improve your search ranking. The easiest way to make a web page search engine friendly is to follow the guidelines. First, to make a web page search engine friendly, the length of the title should be less than 60 characters. The title should be a concise description of the content on the page. The first paragraph of a web page should be a summary of the page. You should use relevant keywords in the text. The first paragraph should be free of ads, navigation menus and graphics. The keywords should appear in the body of the text. The image names should not be too long. The alt text of the image should be relevant. The div tag should be relevant. The website should have a sitemap and the web page should be indexed in the major search engines. Hire a web development company in Lahore for Meta work .


What is OFF PAGE SEO? I will tell you people who are going to do an off page SEO so its a kind of back links which are going to help you to increase your ranking on Google and its a kind of article but now In new version they changed the name they call it organic link building Off-Page SEO includes the work you have to do when other blogs post something about your business and the links that are posted. Off-page SEO depends on backlinks. You need to try and get as many good links from other high ranking sites. Google perceives this from other sources too . OFF PAGE SEO is all about link building in order to get a website to rank higher in the search engines. This is considered one of the most effective methods used to drive targeted traffic. OFF PAGE SEO is a collection of online marketing strategies & techniques used to bring traffic to a website using off-site methods. This is an important part of the SEO process, and encompasses link building, blog commenting, forum posting and bookmarking. These techniques can be used to improve the importance of a website in search engine rankings.

Technical SEO Part:

In order for a product to become more visible in search engines, one must be able to draw more people’s attention to the page. One way of drawing in visitors is through creating links between your brand and another, on other websites that give you exposure and also help you reach out to them. SEO , or search engine optimization, is the process used by webmasters and businesses alike so as to enhance the visibility of their content or website within search engines like Google. Technical SEO is all about crawling, indexing and ranking of websites using technology. Digital marketing services Lahore Pakistan deals with issues like page load time, crawl budget, duplicate content, canonical, and mobile friendliness.