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October 2022
A strong digital presence is important for your business because digital is the key to brand visibility, customer engagement, and ROI. Digital presence, in this case, should be considered in the context of “Accessibility” and “Prominence”. If you are not accessible, people can’t find you. If you are not prominent, people cannot easily find you....
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The ranking factors of the Google search engine change over time, as the search engine keeps learning and improving its algorithm. Google won’t disclose the “secret sauce” behind its search algorithm, but we do know that Google uses over 200 different ranking factors, including backlinks, content, keywords, mobile-friendliness, site speed, and more. Here are some...
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E-Commerce Website SEO If your eCommerce website is not getting the first page on Google for any of your competitive keywords, chances are you are losing money to your competitors. First, do keyword research to see what your competitors are ranking for and what keywords you should rank for. For this get some keyword research...
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